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of super storm sandy and those efforts, they are focused in parts of new york and new jersey, after the storm interrupted access to most mass transit. today, new york subway system, they did offer the limited service, but the drivers, using bridges in and out of manhattan, they needed to go through check points to prove that they have at least three people in the car. >>> some cabs, they did stop flooding in new york today because of the concerns about fuel. gas shortages are causing long lines at the stations in new york, new jersey, and connecticut. aaa says that those problems, they stem from the shortages and a lack of electricity to power the pumps. >>> in the last two hours, amtrak announced that they are starting to restore limited service between new york and philadelphia. today, the rail service, they did say that they had cleared the water from one of its tunnels under the hudson river. clearing the water and debris from the new jersey coastline could be a whole different matter. and sarah shuckman filed this report from long island. >> reporter: the new jersey national gu
will need to look out the window more often. >> reporter: meteorologists were able to track hurricane sandy using federal satellites. will they still be able to spend what they need? >> satellite controls navigation. that system won't be put in place. >> reporter: we could see the slowdowns at some airports. >> the faa will need to take some controllers out of the towers. they will be selective about how they do that and they said that they would not cut back on the major towers. >> reporter: fuller says everybody will be incon convenienced, but worse? >> just about everybody will see their taxes go up. >> reporter: people that work will see their payroll taxes go up and people that itemized won't be able to deduct child care expenses because congress has not continued those reductions. small businesses will lose money because of changes in the inheritance tax. >> we basically lose the gain that we have made and achieved over the last three years. we lose most of the jobs that have been added and we are back to the deficit of the reduction again. >> reporter: when people have less money to
crews are getting as they head up to new jersey to help in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. crews from northern alabama say crews in new jersey told them they could not start working in the garden state because they're not in the union. so last night they turned around and went home. more than a million people are still in the dark in new jersey. we'll have more on the recovery efforts after the storm coming up at 6:15. >>> new information tonight about a series of attacks on women in northern virginia. fairfax county police believe the same man wanted in seven groping attacks struck yesterday afternoon for an 8th time. this time he grabbed a woman waitaccount at a bus stop in the 7200 block of commerce street in springfield. now, the suspect description mahes this sketch that was released after the earlier incident. if you know any information that can help police, give them a call. >>> in fauquier county tonight police are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in fauquier county. an incident that started with a car crash where you se
of caution, that is only part of the story. it turns out that sandy damaged the instrument landing systems based in new york and new jersey that help planes navigate their landings in low visibility. so on bad weather days you can expect cancellations and delays in that region until that problem is fixed. >>> you still have time to help us help those hit hardest by sandy. just log onto our facebook and like our page. we are donating $1 to the american red cross for every like we get. >>> one day after the election president barack obama called lawmakers from both parties to talk about looking ahead at the rest of the year. the commander in chief landed at joint base andrews two minutes ago and reportedly told senate and house leaders today he's committed to finding bipartisan solutions to reduce the deficit, cut taxes for middle class families and create new jobs. >>> in maryland a lot of questions tonight about what's next after a slew of ballot questions passed. the passage of question seven clears the way for table games and a sixth casino in prince george's county. today the maryland l
. still to come in this half hour, getting back to normal after super storm sandy may mean more foot traffic than car traffic. >> first around here the 11th street bridge isn't making the commute easier. the other attention the crossing is getting up next. >> 9news now is sponsored in part by >>> just opened over the summer but the district's new 11th administrate bridge is getting honored as the best by the industry. roads and bridges puts the project at the top of its 2012 list. the bridge reliefs traffic congestion saving drivers time and money. >> sure does. research has suggested pleasant aromas can make people feel better. there's a new study that suggests a nice smell can make you act like a better person. take for example, something as simple as the smell of fresh baked bread. i'm not kidding here. researchers found folks were more likely to tell a stranger you dropped a wallet if they were in a bakery as opposed to a clothing store. >>> for months, we've seen the ads, the rallies and heated debates. all come to an end tomorrow. a look at the folks who say they are still unde
of hurricane sandy. >>> local crews tapped to help in sandy's aftermath started coming back hem today. virginia's task force one based in chantilly arrived at their home base just before noon and maryland's equivalent came home hours later. they helped in new york and new jersey with recovery efforts. >>> we're putting our money where you like it to help with sandy relief. just log on to facebook and like our wusa9 facebook page. we are donating $1 to the american red cross for every like our page gets. anita. >>> you got to hand it to storm victims in new jersey and new york, many with no power for more than a week now but today they still came out to vote. in the rock away section of new york city they brought in generators to power up makeshift polling spots. voters have been streaming in all day long. folks in hard hit parts of new jersey have been told they can vote by e-mail or fax. >>> still ahead, dualing campaigns -- dueling campaigns and dualing planes, to the presidential candidates' election night headquarters coming up. >>> candidates bought time on television stations like ours fo
in the aftermath of superstorm sandy as some senators and for more federal aid. top? >> well, much colder air rolled in but the numbers can be deceiving. here's what's going to go in the books, high 65 that occurred after midnight. low so far 43. that might go down into the 30s before midnight. we picked up a half inch of rain, .87 at dulles was good enough for the daily rainfall record. we will come back. >> but first new information tonight about the tattered flag in desperate need of repairs at a local park. >>> new information tonight about a badly tattered flag in chevy chase. we first told awen't the flag flying -- told you about the flag on saturday night after getting a call from the army veteran david russell. we learned the park is a responsibility of the montgomery county department of transportation. it turns out though the flag had been the responsibility of a nearby gas station for years. but when that station closed a few years ago, the flag's upkeep seemed to have slipped through the cracks. that department thanked us for calling today and had the flag replaced just a few hour
superstorm sandy disrupted fuel deliveries and created long lines at the pump. state officials say they are suing several stations for price gouging. some owners were charging 59 cents more per gallon during the crisis. >>> coming up on 9news going airborne. >> reporter: scott broom in largo, at 6:00 wait until you e this astounding flying machine that just might win. this group of university of maryland students may win a quarter million dollars. >>> it's an elusive prize some experts said no one will ever claim, but this week in largo some university of maryland students claim to be very close to claiming a quarter million dollars and making aviation history. today they showed scott broom their amazing human powered helicopter. >> reporter: i'm here on the indoor track at the wayne curry sports and learning center in largo and this is likely to be the most ungainly flying machine you've ever seen. >> we've got to make that shorter. >> reporter: today a team of university of maryland clark school of engineering students just may be on the cusp of making aviation history. >> yes
manslaughter. >>> connecticut's governor estimates the damage from super storm sandy, they will cost that state at least $360 million. and today, he visited some of the hardest hit areas in staten island. saying that they will stick with the recovery efforts until the rebuilding is complete. and to survey the damage being seen. >>> they will make their predictions about our forecast from this very weather center. and tonight some local students might be developing the cuttin edge technology when it comes to the natural disaster relief. they show us how they are competing for the competition in math, science, technology. >> and that will be a big wild view. >> they have problem solving down to a science. the high schoolers are creekal winners of the foundation science award, a prestigious honor. >> it is like a fingerprint. >> reporter: they developed the computer software that recognizes where a picture was taken. >> the big dips is what matters. >> reporter: a process called geo location and it could be used in everything from the counterterrorism to the disaster relief. >> you don't need the
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9